Numverify is a product maintained by apilayer, a technology company based in Vienna, Austria.

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apilayer Data Products GmbH
Elisabethstrasse 15/5
1010 Vienna

What is it?

NumVerify offers a full-featured yet simple RESTful JSON API for national and international phone number validation and information lookup for a total of 232 countries around the world. Requested numbers are processed in real-time, cross-checked with the latest international numbering plan databases and returned in handy JSON format enriched with useful carrier, geographical location and line type data.

Who runs it?

The numverify API is a product built and maintained by apilayer, an Austrian technology company aiming to help developers, startups and larger companies automate and outsource complex processes by serving them with dedicated and handy programming interfaces.

Our goal is to offer quick and simple access to our software with the objective of speeding up development of your applications and easing the burden on your back-end.

Focus on real people

Fight fraudulent profiles and focus on real users - Thorough phone number validation has numerous benefits for your business and is incredibly easy to implement. The best way to capture good leads is to verify contact information right at the point of entry into your database.

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